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Primary Injection (0-600A, 0-5kA, 0-21kA)

3-phase Test Equipment SVERKER 900

The SVERKER900 is specially designed for basic, manual three phase secondary testing of protection devices. In addition, various primary testing can be performed, since the current and voltage can be series- and/or parallel connected to allow for up to 105A AC or 900V AC. All three current and four voltage sources can be individualy adjusted with respect to amplitude, phase angle and frequency.

Relay Test System SMRT410D

Megger Multi-phase Relais Test System.

Relay Test System SMRT1

Megger Single Relay Test System.

Phase Angle Meter PAM420/PAM410

The PAM420 is specifically designed for measurements on electrical power systems. It is capable of displaying phase angle, voltage,
current, frequency and timing. The phase angle is calculated from
the relationship between two power signals, which can be two
currents, two voltages or any combination.

1-Phase Test Sets SVERKER 750-780

SVERKER 750-780 is intended primarily for secondary testing of protective relay equipment. Virtually all types of single-phase protection can be tested. SVERKER 750-780 is able to test three-phase protection that can be tested one phase at a time, and also a number of protective relay systems that require phase shifting. New is testing Frequency with SVERKER 780.

Timer TM200

Timer TM200 is ideal for these tasks thanks to its precise accuracy, its broad application range and its compact dimensions. Timer TM200 is the obvious choice for maintenance work in substations. A timer is often needed for use with the CSU600A current supply unit or ODEN A primary current injection test system. Testing relays with SVERKER also requires an extra timer if more than one timing cycle is to be measured.

Step-Up Transformer MAGNUS

MAGNUS permits you to prepare excitation curves for instrument transformers quickly and easily. MAGNUS is also used to demagnetize current transformer cores and to conduct turn-ratio tests on voltage transformers.

Current Unit CSU20A

Included accessories for SVERKER and FREJA

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Primary Injection 0-600A, 0-5kA, 0-21kA

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Relay Test Unit SVERKER 650

The SVERKER 650 testing unit, whose design incorporates benefits gleaned from many years of experience in field relay testing, enjoys a well-earned reputation for reliability and convenience. Compact and powerful, it provides all of the functions needed for secondary testing of almost all types of single-phase protection now available on the market.

Replaced by SVERKER 750-780-900 (see above)

Relay Testing System FREJA 306

FREJA 306 is an excellent choice when you want more current outputs, higher amps, VA or compliance voltage. Use it to test differential relays with 6 currents, or virtually any single or 3-phase relay. FREJA 306 can be operated with or without a PC. See also FREJA 300.

Relay Testing System FREJA 300

The FREJA 300 relay testing system is a computer-aided relay testing and simulation system. FREJA 300 can be operated with or without a PC. FREJA 300 is intended primarily for secondary testing of protective relay equipment. Virtually all types of protection relays can be tested. The very accurate low level analogue inputs are designed for transducer measurements.

Current Amplifier CA30

CA30 is a three-phase switched current amplifier suitable when higher voltages are needed to provide test currents for older electro-mechanical relays. Since the amplifier can be controlled by both current and voltage, it can be used instead of FREJA's voltage generators. The number of current generators can thus be increased to six, which is convenient when testing differential relays.

Replaced by PAM410/420 (see above)

Phase Angle Meter PAM360E

The PAM360E phase angle meter is designed to test for example directional protection relays.It has a broad range and can sense either current or voltage. The PAM360E's inputs are galvanically separated from each other and from the mains. Its many outstanding features make the PAM360E a highly versatile instrument.

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