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Primary Current Injection (0-600A, 0-2kA, 0-21kA)

Circuit Breaker Analyzer: TM1700

The TM1700 series circuit breaker analyzers utilizes some of the ground breaking technology from the top of the line version TM1800. There are four models starting from PC-remote controlled to fully stand-alone. All models can be controlled from a computer using the well proven data management and analyzing software CABA Win.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer: TM1800

The TM1800 is a developed instrument platform for circuit breaker maintenance, based on 20 years experience. The modular construction makes it possible to configure the TM1800 for measurements on all known types of breaker. The robust design contains powerful new technology that streamlines circuit breaker testing. Sophisticated measurement modules enable great time savings as many parameters can be measured simultaneously.

Programma® DualGround

The DualGround* timing for TM1800 with DCM technology provides safer, faster and easier testing. Safety is granted with a method where both sides of the circuit breaker remains grounded throughout the test. At the same time the method is faster and easier because there is e fewer steps in the procedure and less safety administration and personal involved. This is very important in an enviroment with less availability of expert technical staff.

Dynamic Resistance Measuring SDRM

The SDRM module is an accessory for TM1800 and TM1600 circuit breaker test products. SDRM is a reliable method for evaluation of arcing contact lenght in a quick test. The SDRM measures the resistance of the breaker during a close-or-open operation and evaluates the condition of the contacts to make sure there is no problem with the fingers, burn-off contacts, lubrication or SF6 exhaust contaminations.

Accessories Breaker Testing
Toolkits included rotary, linear transducers & vibration testing.

Ferrite Kit for GIS-installations
Ferrite has to be used in GIS for "DualGround", testing with both sides grounded.

Breaker Vacuum Tester: VIDAR

When a vacuum circuit breaker is commissioned or undergoes routine tests, it's very important to be able to ascertain whether or not the vacuum bottle is intact before putting it back into operation. VIDAR enables you to check the integrity of the vacuum bottle quickly and conveniently by means of the known relationship between the flashover voltage and the underpressure in the breaking chamber. A suitable test voltage is applied to the breaker, and the result is displayed immediately.

Breaker Power Supply: B10E

A variable AC/DC voltage is usually needed to test a circuit breaker. Substation batteries should not be used since this entails considerable risk for testing personnel, testing equipment and also for the equipment being tested. The best way to ascertain whether or not solenoids and protective mechanisms are sluggish or set improperly is to perform a test at minimum tripping voltage. The minimum trip voltage test is described in a number of international and national standards such as IEC 62271-100, ANSI C37.09 etc.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer: EGIL

The New EGIL is intended primarily for testing distribution and smaller transmission breakers. EGIL is designed to test circuit breakers having only one main contact per phase. Intended primarily for measuring travel (motion). Option: a connection for SDRM, Static and Dynamic Resistance Measurement for e.g. burn-off contacts in breakers. EGIL is also equipped with an optional serial interface (USB) for communication with a personal computer (PC) and the CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analyzis Software.

Phased out Products:

Breaker Analyzer TM1600

TM1600 has been replaced by TM1700 and TM1800

Dynamic Resistance Measurement DRM1800

DRM1800 has been replaced by SDRM

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