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Primary Current Injection 0-2kA, INGVAR

Most advanced Primary Current Injection Test System to simplify all types of switchgears and CT commissioning, ground grid, circuit breaker testing and more. Two units, each of about 20 kg. Unique I/30 function allows the current to be pre-set using low current to prevent test sample heating.

Current Supply Unit CSU600AT

The high-current supply unit CSU600AT (0-600A) has two main fields of application. The first is to conduct primary tests on protective relays. A primary test shows whether all parts of the protection system are functioning together properly within the specified time limits under operating conditions. The second field of application involves conducting current tests on low-voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent devices. It has a built-in timer and an analog ammeter that provide rough current settings quickly and easily.

Primary Current Injection ODEN-AT

This powerful test system ODEN-AT is designed for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. Up to 21 kA can be generated. The system consists of a control unit together with one, two or three current units. There are three versions of the current unit: S, X and H. This makes it possible to configure an ODEN-AT system in a suitable way. All parts are portable, and ODEN-AT can be quickly assembled and connected. The control unit has many advanced features. A powerful measurement section for example, that can display transformation ratio as well as time, voltage and current.

Primary Current Injection ODEN-A

This unit is not available anymore.

Timer TM200

Timer TM200 is ideal for these tasks thanks to its precise accuracy, its broad application range and its compact dimensions. Timer TM200 is the obvious choice for maintenance work in substations. A timer is often needed for use with the CSU600A current supply unit or ODEN A primary current injection test system. Testing relays with SVERKER also requires an extra timer if more than one timing cycle is to be measured.

DC-Primary Injection 0-6000A, BALTO

On Request

The system BALTO 6.000A has been developed to generate very high test currents (0-6.000ADC) for operational testing of high speed DC circuit breakers. These high tests currents are injected on the main circuit of the high speed DC circuit breakers. With these tests complete circuits as current transducers, current conducting parts, connecting parts and protection relays can be checked.

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