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Calibration & Repair

Calibration (and repair) of Megger/Programma test equipment will be handled after registration by our factory in Sweden. You will receive a "Service Instruction" for sending the equipment directly to Sweden. The equipment will be returned also directly to your address.

The official calibration of Megger/Programma test equipment

For registration we need following information:

Type of unit
Serial Number

Repair yes/no
Description repair/problem

Delivery address
Purchase order number
Invoice address

Please Contact us or send above mentioned data by E-mail

Repair SVERKER Repair
Repair MOM Repair
Repair TORKEL Repair
Repair EGIL Repair
Repair FREJA Repair
Repair ODEN Repair
Repair TM1800 Repair
Repair TM1700 Repair
Repair TM1600 Repair
Repair INGVAR Repair
Calibration SVERKER Calibration
Calibration MOM Calibration
Calibration TORKEL Calibration
Calibration EGIL Calibration
Calibration FREJA Calibration
Calibration ODEN Calibration
Calibration TM1800 Calibration
Calibration TM1700 Calibration
Calibration TM1600 Calibration
Calibration INGVAR Calibration

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