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Product Presentation or Training

Please contact us for all kind of presentations, demo and/or practical product training on site.

1) Testing of Batteries, Capacity
2) Testing of Protection Relays
3) Testing of Breakers, Medium- and High Voltage
4) Testing of Burn-off contacts in Breakers
5) Testing with both sides earthed with "DualGround"
6) Testing of Breakers, Primary Current Injection
7) Testing of Resistance, Micro-Ohm
8) Testing of Medium- and High Voltage installations

Training Breaker Analyzing

The aim of this course is to familiarize the participants with
analyzing of circuit breakers of all kind of manufacturers.

1) Timing of the main- and auxiliary contacts
2) Motion and speed
3) Coil current
4) Dynamic Resistance Measurement (burn-off contacts)
5) Safety with "DualGround"

Training Testing Relays

The aim of the course "Setting & Testing" is to familiarize the participants with the operation of 1 or 3-phase testing (current
and voltage) and setting of protection relays. The training is a
practical training in testing and understanding of relay settings
as well selectivity.

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